This term, we have been writing up some of the many questions that the Preps ask us about the world. Every Friday we have began to answer some of these questions by doing an activity around one of the questions. Last Friday we answered Chloe R’s delicious question of ‘How is chocolate made?’. We spoke about the cocoa bean and ways they adjust the ingredients to make the three types of chocolate (white, milk and dark). We then gave them a small piece of each kind to help them to taste the difference.

Can you think of which one they disliked the most?



Bee Bots

Bee Bots

Preps have been having fun learning some basic coding with our Bee Bots. To help us learn about 3D shapes and positional/directional language we made some 3D houses using shape nets and gave the put the codes into the Bee Bot to direct them around our Bee Bot City. The kids had so much fun and we only destroyed our city a couple of times!!


Preps Big Day Out

Prep’s Big Day Out

We had such a fantastic day adventuring out in our community and visiting some very special places in Frankston. We first went to Frankston Foreshore and walked down the boardwalk to look at the city skyline and coastal vegetation. We then walked back via the beach and saw some interesting things washed up on the shore. We spoke about low and high tides and ways we can keep our beaches clean.


We then went to visit our local playground, Ballam Park. The preps loved playing on the different playgrounds and were incredibly polite and considerate to members of the public. The students even got to have a go on the flying fox!

Finally we visited the gorgeous George Pentland Botanical Gardens. We took a sensory walk around the gardens and used our senses to take in the environment. We listened to the birds and smelt the eucalyptus trees as we looked at some amazing native plants.

We were so proud of how good the preps were all day and how well they represented our school. They walked a long way and they didn’t complain once. What a great first excursion for them all.

Shaxton Circle

Shaxton Circle

Today we went to visited Shaxton Circle. As we are currently learning about our term topic of ‘Places in our Community”, the preps learnt about the various ways Shaxton Circle is special to us. We learnt about all the amazing wildlife that lives there and also ways in which we can keep it special. The preps were very good at understanding why we musn’t feed the ducks bread and why we shouldn’t litter in our environment.  The preps behaved so beautifully on this little excursion and we were so proud of how well they represented our school.


Book week

Book week

What a fantastic day book week dress up day was! We saw some amazing costumes on the day and were blown away with the effort that went into them. The students thought the teachers dressing up as the Willy Wonka characters was hilarious especially our Preps as we have been  reading ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’  by Roald Dahl in class. They loved the golden ticket treasure hunt at recess and were excited to hear who the winners were at our Whole School Assembly. The whole school also loved participating in some book week activities and enjoyed visiting different classrooms with other students from all year levels.



Who Sank The Boat?!

 Who Sank The Boat? By Pamela Allen

Throughout Book Week this week, we are exploring different books for our learning activities. This year in Prep we are learning about mathematical measurement concept of Mass where the students need to learn to use the words ‘heavier/lighter’ appropriately. Today we read the book ‘Who Sank The Boat’ and made our very own boats out of foil. We then made all the animals featured in the book out of Modelling clay and worked with our partners to design a boat strong enough to hold all the animals in some water. The students then took turns in to put their boats to the test.



Three Billy Goats Gruff

Three Billy Goats Gruff

This week we are learning about the Three Billy Goats Gruff. The students had been practising retelling this story using their puppets they made (as featured in the first photo of the video). As a fun way of remembering the story we decided to act out the story in our playground. We had so much fun creating this movie and hope you enjoy it! Well done to our stars of the movie- Chloe Free, Lucas Longley, Kayla Scully and Ollie Lond. 🙂

Three Billy Goats Gruff from KingsleyParkPS on Vimeo.

Cookie making

Making Cookies for our Grandparents

In the lead up to Grandparents Day, the Preps wanted to make something nice to give to their grandparents when they visited. We decided to make some special Chocolate Chip Cookies that were made from Mrs Cox’s great grandmother’s recipe.

We wrote up a simple recipe for the Preps to follow and asked them to read out each step and ingredient as we made our cookies. They then helped the teachers to measure and mix the ingredients to make a delicious cookie dough (they even got to eat a cheeky chocolate chip). We had such fun making them and the students really enjoyed giving them to their grandparents on the day.


Grandparents day

Grandparents Day

On Friday the 10th of August, we celebrated Grandparents Day in Prep. We invited all of our special grandparents and some other special family members to enjoy a morning in the classroom with the Preps. We read a story, did a dance, made a special fish craft, completed a ‘Grandparent interview’ and even gave them an “encore” of our dinosaur production item. If you would like to see what they made, they are displayed now in the Prep classrooms.

The Preps and teachers loved having them in for the morning and hope to see them around the school again soon.

Please let us know if you’d like a digital copy of your grandparents photo and bring in a USB to class. 🙂


fossil facts

Fossil Facts

This term, we are beginning to explore more Non- Fiction books. The Preps are beginning to learn the differences between non-fiction and fiction texts by discussing the different features in each. Previously we explored the Non-fiction book of ‘Fossil Facts’. Abbie thought it would be great to bring in some REAL fossils to show the Preps and bring our book to life. Thank you Abbie for bringing in these special fossils.